Dear youths of Purandar and Baramati taluka. I wish you golden prospects on behalf of Acharya Atre Development Trust, Purandar. The institution’s dream to develop rural area by means of education, arts, sports and culture is cherished in the mind of our farmer president, “Janata Raja”, Horable Shri. Sharadchandraji Pawar. It has been already realized that education is the backbone for all kinds of progress and enlightenment. In this pious task of educating generation after generation, we aim to produce capable, self reliant and responsible citizens for the healthy society & healthy nation. I know that the enriched education always helps keep a pace with the ever reforming world. Therefore, we always strive to start new courses in our college and schools because students are our asset. We believe that the progress of our students is the progress of this vicinity. Our teacher’s constant and enriched endeavors to mould the characters of students helps bringing up better personalities. So far we are good but the best is always in quest. My dear youth, if we come together with zeal, I’m sure that the destination is not far away from where we stand now.

  • Mr. Vijay Kolte
  • President
  • Acharya Atre Vikas Pratishthans Purandar

Dr. Sushma Chaphalkar
Principal,Sharadchandraji Pawar College, Jejuri

Acharya Development Trust Purandar’s ‘Sharadchandraji Pawar College, Jejuri’ has been endeavoring to become the hub of the production of competent and skilled citizens for the nation by means education, culture, sports etc. It strives to equip youths to face the challenges of the twenty first century. Since last twenty years, the college has been constantly giving an opportunity of education to the rural students. I am proud to say that the destination is not the only goal of our journey but the journey too offers many rewards for its traveler i.e. the students. Every year about five hundred youths of rural area are brought to doorstep of the higher education by this college. Thus a bound is built and extended to villages and communities through the academic and non academic activities effectively.