College Library

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Aim of College Library:

Shradchandraji Pawar College Library works as important central support system for the entire college catering to the information needs of arts and commerce faculty.

Librarian - Mr.Rajendra Dhondiba Kolhe :

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Objectives of College Library:

To cater the curricular and creative information need of teachers and students by providing latest and relevant information.
To preserve and conserve the knowledge embedded in the books, periodical, newspapers and e-resources.
To supply the latest information to all specialties in their respective field.
To make available reading material and other resources as per requirement of teachers and students.
Provide innovative services to users.
To build collection complementary for competitive exams.


The library is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm except for Sunday and holidays.
Lunch Timing 1.30 PM to 2.00 PM


To meet the need of the teachers and students, the following facilities are made available in the college library.
Reference Services
Information Services
Home Lending Books
Book Bank Services
Newspaper Clipping Service
Display New Arrivals
Inter Library Loan Service
Library Orientation Program
Internet Services
Information and Notification
Collection of rare books

Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee ensures proper administration of the library. It consists of Principals as a chairman¸ student representative, Librarian as a secretary and 06 members from various departments.

Sr. No.

Name of the Member



Dr. Chaphalkar S R



Prof.Kamthe D N



Prof. Rikame R B



Dr. Kolekar A S



Dr. Kolate B R



Dr.Nagane D A



Prof. Takawale K R



8 Komal Kamthe

Member(Student Representative)


Shri. Balkrushna Mokashi

Member(Administrative Representative)


Prof. Kolhe R D


The advisory committee mostly supervise and advise the librarian for collection¸ development policy and library expenditure respectively. Librarian plans all the library activities under the guidance of Library Advisory Committee.

Rules and Regulations

One book is issued for a week on borrow card to each student.
One book at a time is issued to each student on his I- Card only to read in the library.
Students are expected to wear the IDENTITY CARD while entering the library and I- Card is valid for current academic year only.
Loss of I –Card should be reported to the librarian immediately.
On loss of library book, users shall replace the same with same brand new copy or to pay the amount decided by the library committee.
Student should enter their names in the entry register maintained at Reading Hall.
Silence has to be maintained in library.
Mobile phone should be switched off in the Library.
Identity Card and Library Card are not transferable.